Roamtify Driver Campaign

Roamtify is a disruptive, crowdsourced advertising platform connecting drivers and brands to create powerful on-vehicle advertising. Roamtify is a revolutionary way for everyday drivers to effortlessly earn a second income while performing their customary daily activities, Roamtify’s end-to-end crowdsourced advertising platform allows businesses and advertisers to connect, collaborate and create revolutionary economic value.

All you have to do is go about your normal daily routine, commuting to and from the workplace, drive out of time on business or pleasure trips.

Our Mission

Roamtify’s goal is to change the world of out-of-home advertising for the better, for the consumer. Roamtify is the easiest way to make money on the road short of finding it in the street.


Driver Advantages and Benefits

  • Monetize your car hassle free

    We assist you to leverage your personal asset – your car, to make extra money by performing your normal daily routine, commuting to and from the workplace. If you are willing to brand your car with vinyl advertisements and become brand ambassadors of corporate companies, your car will earn you extra money.

  • Worry free about your car!

    When you are selected to be our driver, we pay you for your mileage. You can utilize for fuel cost, toll and parking fee, car service and maintenance cost, pay for your car installment or road tax and car insurance bill… all up to you! You’ll never need to worry about fuel costs increase, toll price hike, and the cost of ownership for your vehicle including carrying and operating cost anymore!

  • Jams are no longer a waste of money!

    When your car is wrapped with Roamtify, whenever you’re on the road, in the car, or parked pretty, you’re earning an automatic income! People are wasting time and money stuck in the traffic, while you are earning every minute and mile you drove, even in jam! So just lay back, turn up the stereo and enjoy the time on the road!

  • Obtain tons of freebies and bonus!

    We understand the struggle to locate a parking space in a crowded mall. No worry, go and park at the valet located at the entrance of the mall, we will pay for it! And if you complete the campaign and fulfill all the requirements, you are entitled to get bonus cash! On and off, we have tons of free car accessories to take away!


Get seen, Get noticed, Get sponsor

Get paid to drive your car. Get seen, Get noticed, and Get applause, while driving or even when parked, by advertising on your car. Get that Celebrity status by us sponsoring you!

How Much Can I Make?

Half wrap – up to RM 550+* per month
Full wrap – up to RM 1,100+* per month

*Please note however that the rates are subject to other details and may slightly differ in the final sponsorship.


What does it take to be a Roamtify driver?

If you…
• have a valid Malaysian driver’s licence;
• own a 2006 or newer vehicle;
• clean driving record;
• usually drive 50km or more a day;

Then you are our Dream Roamtify Driver!

Have you signed up to be a driver yet?

Make sure to click the link below and please share this with your friends!

Our Roamtify Driver Program is Free!!!!

What is Car Wrap?


A car wrap is a carwash and sunlight proof vinyl film applied to body of your car. Roamtify uses high quality vinyl material to ensure that the process of installing the vinyl is fully guaranteed. Roamtify vinyl wraps are guaranteed against fade due to weather conditions for at least 12 months. So the wrap on your car with proper care will still look bright and colourful. Roamtify vinyl wrap material used will not harm the paintwork on your car, as long as your car still has its original paintwork and have no accident.

How to be a Roamtify driver?

Step One

A potential driver will have to register and fill out the Driving Profile. This Driving Profile is provided free-of-charge to our driver and will be retained in our database to be ONLY available to our advertisers. Please note that your information is treated as highly confidential and will not be used or provided to any other third party.

Step Two

Once our advertiser have identified and agreed to sponsor your ride, you will be offered the opportunity to be sponsored. In return, you will be proudly carrying their brand on your ride. We would like to remind all potential drivers to fill up their Driving Profile as truthful and complete as possible.

Step Three

After being selected by our sponsors, we will request a short interview with each potential driver, where our trained specialists will take a closer look at your ride. Upon a bill of clean health for your ride, a sponsorship will be offered to the potential driver after accepted the terms & conditions agreement.

What Are You Waiting For?

Roamtify Android Mobile App available at Google Play Store.